Moving services

You get the right prices for the moving services provided, in order to enjoy a stress-free move managed by experienced Boston movers.

Packing services

Everything is safely packed before being loaded in the moving truck or going to storage. You just sit back and relax, we got you covered.

Storage solutions

Enjoy your house tidy and decluttered while having the certainty that all your belongings are safely kept in storage, for as long as you need.

Packing, Moving, Storage, Furniture Disposal

Transylvania Moving Company is a full-service company. Everything that you can think of that’s moving related, we will be able to help you. From packing everything in your home, and moving your personal belongings into your new home, to storage and disposing or donating of unwanted furniture, we can do it all!

We treat you like we would treat a family member

If there is one thing people from Transylvania are best at, that is treating everyone like family. Whether you hire us as movers, packers, or storage facility providers, both you and your belongings will benefit from our utmost care and attention. The easiest move of your life is one phone call away!

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